Give Me 31 Days and I'll Give You a
Much Simpler Life

Is your daily life often too stressful, chaotic or overwhelming?

Do you feel like getting rid of the clutter in your home and workspace and building a more calming and peaceful life?

Would you like to work and do things in a simpler and smarter way so that you have more time and energy over for yourself and the things that matters the most to you?

Do you want to spend your money more consciously on what you truly want instead of wasting too much of it on impulse purchases and unnecessary costs?

And do you want to live a lighter life but rarely or never seem to get around to taking action on those thoughts and dreams?

You are not alone. I was there too a couple of years ago.

Many of us are or have been stuck to various degrees in procrastination, daydreams or not knowing how to go about practically simplifying life.

And that is why I have created The 31 Days to a Simpler Life Course.

To give you a kick-start.

A Course Designed to Make You Think,
But More Importantly to DO Things

31 Days to a Simpler Life is designed to make you think about how you live your life.

But more importantly, it’s designed to help you DO things. To do one task each day for 31 days to simplify your life step by step.

And at the end of the course you’ll have more knowledge and ideas about how to live a simpler life. But you will also have achieved small and big victories.

By focusing on a small or medium-sized concrete task each day and getting it done you will be more motivated and confident to continue to keep simplifying life after this course is over.

And with that empowering momentum you'll trust yourself enough to tackle even bigger and more complicated stuff and to build simplicity habits that stick with you for life.

How a Simpler Life Becomes a Happier Life

SunFind more inner peace and freedom in a world that can be chaotic, complicated, worry-inducing and stressful if you let it be.

Focus on experiences rather than things, having and possessing.

Have less distraction and more attention for your passions and what is meaningful in your life.

Find more time and energy for love and your relationships.

Have more time, energy and space for your thoughts and creativity.

Spend your money consciously on quality and what you really want rather than quantity and impulse purchases.

Those are the most important things I have gained from simplifying my life and from living a simple life every day.

I am addicted to keeping things simple because it enhances my life quality in so many ways.

And in this course I would like to share what I have learned and help you to get off to great start with your own simplifying and lay out a plan for how you can live a simpler life from now on.

So what will you gain more specifically from this course?

The Most Important Positive Changes This
Course Will Help You Make are How to:

  • Keep your focus on what is truly most meaningful and important in your life.
  • Declutter your home, workspace and other cluttered areas in your life.
  • Uncomplicate your social life and schedule.
  • Simplify your finances, reduce unnecessary costs and spend your money more consciously.
  • Become more relaxed, focused and effective at work and in life.
  • Reduce the information inflow and even take totally media free days.
  • Explore mindfulness and relaxing solitude.
  • Simply stop feeling so overwhelmed or stressed and start feeling happier on the inside.
  • Create changes that stick with you for life.
  • Learn to stick with the plan and actually do things to simplify your life instead of just dreaming or thinking about it.

I am so confident that this course will help you that it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. So it’s a risk-free deal for you.

If you aren't satisfied that The 31 Days to a Simpler Course is helping you improve your life or you don’t like the material for some reason then just let me know via email and I’ll refund you in full with no hard feelings and no questions asked.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join the 31 Days
to a Simpler Life Course Today…

Besides the 75 page concise main guide in PDF format with your daily tasks you also get these three helpful bonuses when you join the course:

  • Beyond 31 days: 9 Tips that Will Help You to Create Simplifying Habits. A written PDF guide that will help you to continue to create habits of simplicity that stick with you for life.
  • The Decluttering 101 Audio Guide. A handy guide in mp3 format that will help you to unclutter your life.
  • The Simple Email Audio Guide. A concise guide in mp3 format on how to handle your daily email processing in a simpler and less stressful way.

Click the button below to get your membership right now and to download all of the course materials in just a few minutes.

Join us now in The 31 Day to a Simpler Life Course for only $27.

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