Break Out of Feeling Socially Stuck or Shy
and Find the Freedom to Connect and
Create the Relationships You Deep
Down Want

Did you ever have an opportunity that you didn't go for because you didn't feel like you had the social skills and social confidence to do it?

Do you sometimes feel like you cannot ask for what you truly want like a date or a meeting because you fear being rejected or you don’t know what to say?

Do you feel shy or nervous in social situations to the point that you feel you can’t be your true self or may even sometimes avoid such situations completely?

Do you feel socially stuck or more alone than you would like to?

And do you think you’d have more success in life if you had sharper social skills?

I used to be in that place. It was most of the time no fun at all. It was quite often painful.

And I know many are still in such a place today in different ways and to various degrees.

That is why my 12-week course called The Smart Social Skills Course is all about understanding and improving your social skills and relationship habits step-by-step.

So that you can live up to more of your untapped potential and find the happiness and success that is out there in the world waiting for you.

I Was Awkward and Lacked Confidence
in Myself...

I think my story with social skills is a pretty common one.

I was deathly shy, especially around women. To the point that I hadn't had a date in several years.

I quite often found it hard to come up with things to say or to start a conversation in school, at a party or at some kind of meeting.

So the # 1 thing for me was to get better socially.

Because I wanted to feel more confident and less shy. Be able to connect better and deeper with people.

And I wanted to be socially free and have the skills and habits to live and create my life as I wanted.

How I Have Improved My Own Social
Skills and You Can Too…

Now, not having helpful social skills can be terribly restricting.

It can sometimes feel like life never seems to really start for you or truly grow compared to the people you see around you as they express themselves genuinely and confidently, go on dates and seem to be at ease with meeting new people.

But this is not something that is set in stone.

Over the past years things have changed a lot for me.

A part of me is still introverted, I still love to read and to be by myself for some time each week.

But I am also in an awesome relationship with a wonderful woman now and have been with her for the last 4 years.

And I have become so much more confident and relaxed socially. Nowadays it feels fun and exciting instead of nerve-racking to connect with people.

Build Your Own Social Skills Toolbox and Habits that
Will Help You for the Rest of Your Life…

Now,  this course is not a magic bullet. And taking it will not lead to a perfect social skills or relationships where there will never be a negative situation again.


The Most Important Positive Changes This Course
Will Help You Make are How to:

  • Be calmly confident and deep down feel like you truly trust yourself to be able to handle and be successful in for example meetings, job interviews and on dates.
  • Overcome shyness and social nervousness so that you can have the inner freedom to create the social life you want.
  • Reduce approach anxiety and start a conversation with anyone by using 3 simple steps.
  • Not let rejection – or the fear of it – hold you back anymore or sting as much as it used to.
  • Consistently make a great first impression.
  • Become a better listener and improve one of the most underappreciated skills for deeper and better relationships.
  • Not get stuck in awkward silences in conversations.
  • Understand and adopt the giving and positive attitude that makes any relationship or conversation more rewarding.
  • Stop being unassertive and become someone who can ask for what you want in life and say no to the things you don't want.
  • Adopt the essential habits of kindness and acceptance and through that improve not just relationship with other people but also with yourself.
  • Give and receive criticism in ways that will be more effective, healthy and a lot less painful.
  • Handle toxic and difficult people in your life.
  • Simply feel less lonely and find more happiness, fun and enjoyment in both new and old relationships and in your daily conversations.

I am so confident that this course will help you that it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. So it’s a risk-free deal for you.

If you aren't satisfied that The Smart Social Skills Course is helping you improve your life or you don’t like the material for some reason then just let me know via email and I’ll refund you in full with no hard feelings and no questions asked.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join the
Smart Social Skills Course Today…

The Weekly Guides

For each of the 12 weeks of the course you'll get a short guide in PDF format with just a couple of clear action steps at the end of the guide to take that week.

And, as I wrote a couple of paragraphs up, many of the things in this course and guides are things I have never even mentioned on my blog or in my newsletter before.


Bonus #1: The Weekly Worksheets

You not only get a written guide each week. You also will receive one worksheet per week in PDF format containing in many cases absolutely essential exercises to help you to better understand yourself, your own situation and social skills and how to improve them.


Bonus #2: The Weekly Audio Sessions

Each week you also get the week’s written guide as a downloadable audio session in mp3 format.

It is an invisible help you can take with you, guides you can listen to before a big meeting, an exciting date or just a daily conversation.


Bonus #3: The Simple Guide to Dating + Audio Version.

In this extra bonus guide filled with the best and most helpful stuff I have learned for improving my dating life you’ll for example learn:

  • A very simple and helpful mindset for dating.
  • Where to go on your first date.
  • The first rule of dating.
  • The one habit that can make your dates go from kind of nice or mediocre to something much more than that.
  • My three powerful guidelines that have helped me to handle rejection a whole lot better.
  • Four of the most common dating mistakes that I and many other people have made and how to avoid those mistakes.

Bonus #4: How to Become a Better Conversationalist, Part II
+ Audio Version.

In this bonus guide about conversational techniques and habits you’ll learn:

  • The one habit that makes it easier to have more exciting and interesting conversations.
  • How to give advice or help that gets through to people.
  • 3 simple steps for improving your eye-contact.
  • The practical way to handle people who just take, take and take without giving back.
  • More about how to become a better listener.

Bonus #5: Five Common and Destructive Social Habits
(and What to Do About Them) + Audio Version.

I, like so many others, have had several common and socially destructive habits that messed up my conversations and relationships.

In this guide you’ll learn about 5 such habits and what to replace them with.

Habits like:

  • Always having to be right.
  • Neediness.
  • Resentment.
  • Envy and jealousy.

Join the The Smart Social Skills
Course Now

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P.S: As a wise person once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again when it doesn't work.”

So if you keep doing what you’re doing now, you’ll be in the same place socially next year.

Instead, get a fresh start today.

And remember, you have a 60 day, no hard feelings and no questions asked money back guarantee so you can check out The Smart Social Skills Course with no risk for you.

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